Community Support Program

What is the Community Support Program?
The Community Support Program (CSP) is our way of showing support and appreciation to all the non-profit organizations, social groups and clubs in the Alaskan community. Partycraft provides a 5 percent rebate on all purchases "earmarked" for any CSP registered organization.

How does it work?
Any non-profit club, social group, or organization can make application to receive the 5 percent rebate. Rebates are accumulated when members of the group purchase goods or services from Partycraft merely by asking that the purchase be credited to the organization as they check out. NOTE: Members of the Partycraft Partyclub will have to forfeit there discount in doing so. Any individual can request their purchase apply to their own or any other registered organization. Our computers keep track of all purchases and approximately semi-annually, a check will be issued to the organization in the amount of 5% of all earmarked purchases. No checks will be sent for less than $10.00. The more you or any of your club members buy, the bigger the rebate check.

How do I get started?
Ask any Partycraft employee for a CSP application. Fill it out and return it to the Partycraft Finance Department. Your group will then be entered into our computer as a CSP participant. From that moment you can start accumulating your rebates. Let your members and their families know when they shop at Partycraft to be sure to mention your organization.

That's it!

Contact Partycraft at 907-561-5558 to get started today!

The Partycraft Team